Church Innovations welcomes you to Church FutureFinder, our tool for congregational discovery. Whether you are a seminary student, an ordained or lay congregational leader, a consultant, a researcher or an interested passer-by, we think you'll find you'll find CFF useful in helping discover just what God is up to in your congregation.

Have you ever wondered what your congregation's coffee hour has to do with the supermarket down the street? What its stained glass windows have to do with the single parent families near the church? Ever wonder who the new people in your community are? Or how they see your church? Or if they see your church? Come in, fill in some blanks, and find out! We hope you are also willing to ask some questions about your congregation's future, indeed, to open yourself to the possibility that God has a preferred future for your congregation. Together with members of your congregation and your community, you might discern that future. Initially the blanks will simply look like boxes to put numbers into and forms to fill out. And they are. However, when you include these ordinary numbers and answers within dwelling in the Word and reflecting on God's mission in your neighborhood, you are engaging in spiritual discernment. You are narrating these numbers within the story of God's movement in your community. You move beyond numbers and answers to accountability for people and an account of your place in God's mission, past, present, and future. Hence the name: Church FutureFinder.

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